We make Google Drive enterprise-ready

Take your organization’s Google Drive to the next level with a new Access Management product by Deflect

Attention Google Drive users: Folders and sharing, while important, should be things of the past!

It’s time for a more secure, reliable and user-friendly product that scales with your organisation.

Introducing the Deflect Platform.

The Platform integrates directly with your organisation’s Google Drive account to enable a simplified resource management experience.

Starting  at only 1€ / month.

User & User Group Configuration

User & User Group Configuration

Google distribution lists are in the past! Manage your organisation’s users and groups faster.

File & Resource Management

Manage resources in one place with a structure that is clear and easy to use.

Risk-based Access Controls

Assign levels of risk for each file & folder, putting YOU in control of your organisation’s data.

Intelligent Anomaly Detection

Machine learning algorithms detect anomalous transaction activity, reducing the impact of a potential account compromise.

File Encryption

Add additional layers of security to your files. Prevent unauthorised access without an additional key.

Enhanced Reporting Capabilities

Struggle with seeing who has access to what? We thought so. View clean reports showing the who, what, and where associated with your data.

Sound interesting?

We are reimagining your file management and collaboration experience and would love to hear from you.

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