Cybersecurity for the Machine-Enabled Economy

Products and services that elevate the level of trust between your most important assets – your people, their devices, and their data.

The art of cyber security

Deflect brings together a combination of technical expertise, business acumen and industry perspectives from both small and large companies. We will help you craft a cybersecurity strategy that is right for you, balancing technology, people and process.

Architecture Security Review

Architectural diagrams, schematics, specifications, code, or other resources are reviewed to ensure that relevant security controls have been properly implemented within the system. Our team will collaborate with yours to understand the system and share best security practices and implementation techniques that can be applied to the control structure.

Penetration Testing

A simulated attack will be performed against the system or network to identify vulnerabilities before a malicious actor can do the same. Identified vulnerabilities are thoroughly documented. Advice for reproduction and remediation of these vulnerabilities are provided in a review with your team to ensure we convey an understanding of the problem and solution.

Trainings & Workshops

Customized programs for both technical and non technical audiences, our training programs are intended to complement our services to enable our clients to realize the full value of their investment in cybersecurity. We enjoy sharing our knowledge of security with our clients and believe this is one of the best ways to build confidence and inculcate best practices within your organization.

Security and trust are just a few steps away

We’re reimagining the way organisations build trust and we’d love to hear from you.