Cybersecurity services tailored to your needs

Deflect brings together a combination of technical expertise, business acumen and industry perspectives from both small and large companies. We will help you craft a cybersecurity strategy that is right for you, balancing technology, people and process.

Based in Berlin, our team of consultants and security professionals provides products and services that elevate the level of trust between your most important assets – your people, their devices, and their data.

We deliver actionable, tailor-made assessments and recommendations which improve our client’s security posture and enable them to implement best security practices in an efficient and effective manner, enabling users of connected devices to live comfortable and productive lives through a safe and connected future.

Architecture Security Reviews

A static review of a product, network or complete integrated system to identify any security flaws in design or implementation. Static reviews entail interrogation of the codebase, architectural documents, or interviews with engineers and other team members.

Vulnerability Assessment

Sometimes, risks can hide in plain sight! With a vulnerability assessment, our team of experts will perform a scan/review of your system for known weaknesses and provide an in-depth report out of our findings.

Penetration Testing

Dynamic testing of connected devices or networks in which vulnerabilities are identified and exploited to determine what an attacker could accomplish if they attempted to compromise the client’s product or organisation.


We work with leaders in your organisation to help prioritise and focus security investments to ensure maximum business value – whether that’s identifying a security roadmap or planning your compliance strategy – we can help.


We love sharing what we do. Our team of experts has prepared trainings and workshops related to cybersecurity over the years focused on empowering your team with best practices for both technical and non-technical audiences.

Industries served


Distributed Ledger Technology

Internet of Things

Industrial Automation

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No matter where you are on your cybersecurity journey, we have the services you need.

We’re reimagining the way organisations build trust and we’d love to hear from you.